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"Sometimes in the chaos and pressures of life, we lose our connections to what's important. This loss could be a connection to our family members, jobs, passions, or even ourselves. Let me help you rediscover and RECONNECT to what matters the most to you, whatever that may be."



Meet Shauna...

I have lived in the Grande Prairie area for over 20 years now. I am married and have 3 almost adult children.  I understand rural and northern living and the unique complexities that it can add to people's lives. I am very excited to be providing the peaceful, open,  judgment free zone you need to get to the "root" of what is going on for you and develop a plan to create the change you want to see! Some people have said what they enjoy about my approach is that although we do a lot of talk, with me it will be followed with action (meaning you will leave with a plan in hand to make the changes you want). I believe in using an assortment of evidence based, effective techniques to help my clients achieve optimum wellness and results.  I have extensive training in working with couples, trauma, anxiety, ADHD and more! Visit my FAQ page above for more info on my education, specialties, training, and additional info!


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 If you still have questions I would love to hear from you, so feel free to message me through email, Facebook, or through the make an appointment link on this page. Really looking forward to talking to you soon! 

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Meet Marie...

Marie is an Intern Therapist completing her internship with Reconnect Counselling working on the final steps to receiving her Masters in Counselling Psychology. Because Marie is still an intern she is offering a super low rate with options to pay of $60, $40, or $0 per session (based on your ability to pay).   Marie is working with individuals ages 10+.

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